Arctic Explorer is a cult brand of winter clothing founded in 2013 by Ksenia Chilingarova, daughter of a world's living legend Artur Chilingarov, a Russian polar scientist and esteemed polar explorer, whose extensive career has seen him head up a number of high profile projects and expeditions in both the Arctic and Antarctic, including the first-ever dive to the North Pole ocean floor.

 Company founders share love for traditions of people of the Far North, admiration for the courage and dedication of world famous explorers. These inspirations are embodied in the philosophy of the Arctic Explorer, that based on respect for the heritage and traditions.

 Extreme climate of the Far North inspired the creation of innovative products and materials that are fully adapted to the Russian reality. Arctic Explorer works with the best Russian manufacturers, many of whom have been producing special clothing for polar explorers for about a century, and use the most modern technologies of today.

 Brand presents different pieces of high-quality winter outerwear: down jackets, parkas and down vests.

 The whole range of innovative features embodied in the products of Arctic Explorer and defined by:

— Water resistance

— Insulation

— Thermoregulation

— Wear resistance

— High quality and environmentally friendly materials

— Functionality and style

— Easy and convenient to wear

 Each collection of Arctic Explorer is exclusive and limited. Brand guarantees first-class quality and careful attention to details, the choice of premium accessories, as well as environment-friendly materials.

 Arctic Explorer values environment protection and raising the quality of life.




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